Women Tennis Live Betting

Tennis, and especially women’s tennis, attracts a lot of spectators as well as punters, due to its high level of competitiveness and its entertainment value. In fact, the entertainment and competition that women’s tennis tournaments provide is unrivaled by other games, and it gives a lot of scope for punter to make money out of the games, provided they know the game well enough.

The most popular betting market in women’s tennis betting is, of course, for picking up the outright winner of the tournament, especially in massive tournaments such as Wimbledon, Federation Cup, U.S. Open and Australian Open. However, although there are very few odds that a surprise winner would emerge from these tournaments, there still exist a lot of opportunities to trade on the exchanges. If you are not interested in doing that, you can still place some value bets on the tournaments.

Before you place your bet on an outright winner, you need to check the draw for the specific tournament. A good option is to choose a player at comparatively big price, who looks to have won her first few matches fairly easily. Provided that she makes through the initial rounds, you could make a good amount of money on the exchanges. In addition, you also need to keep an eye out for the home grown players of the tournament. Players that player in their own country tend to have a distinct advantage, especially in terms of crowd support.

Some of the examples of good women’s tennis tournament betting methods are given below. However, for both of these methods, you need to make sure that you choose an outsider. It doesn’t mean that you choose an under-performer though. You can choose a performer who is at huge odds, and she can be a home favorite as well, with a considerable rank, preferably in the top ten.
You can back your player to win the tournament at the start of the tournament. In this bet, you take the example of Venus Williams in the U.S. Open. Let’s suppose that her odds for winning are placed at 450 to 1 at the beginning of the tournament. You can put a stake of £2 on her, with a profit of £853.10. Later on in the tournament, the odds can change to 26 to 1, in which you can place bets worth £2 for a profit of £805.

The Australian Open Tennis is in the corner and this has really made all the legends in the tennis world to get into action and so do bettors who love to bet in the women’s tennis. Just like every year, this year too would be a popular betting season for bettors involved in women’s tennis betting. The man’s tennis leagues has almost the same similarities within the betting aspect and placing wager with different odds that change very often.