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NCAA refers to National Collegiate Athletic Association. NCAA Basketball is hugely popular across the US.
The Basketball teams in the NCAA are divided into three divisions such as Division I, Division II and Division III. There are 346 schools in 32 Division I basketball conference.
There are also four independent Division I schools that don’t have any affiliation to the conferences. The Division II consists of 22 Division II basketball teams and 22 independent Division schools without affiliation to the conference. In the Division III there is a 61-team single elimination tournament.

College Basketball Futures
Each sport has the championship game where the two top teams in the league meet to prove who the best performer is that year. The NBA, one of the four major professional sports leagues in North American, which include the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), and National Football League (NFL). NBA Championship Finals is where the top two teams meet in National Basketball Association, the online Vegas betting odds change very often so make sure you check each week for the updates. The betting spreads and odds will change the closer you get to the Finals.

National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals are the championship series of the season and conclusion of the season’s playoffs. The faceoff between the champion from the Western conference and the champion from the Eastern Conference is projected to begin on June 9th, but were moved up ahead one week due to negotiations on the league-wide lockout. The playoffs are played with 2-3-2 rotation.