Soccer Live Betting

Soccer in USA, Football in Europe is one of the most wagered on sports by online gamblers. It is fun to watch, play, and even more fun to wager on. Unlike American football, football (otherwise known as soccer) is not native to one particular location. This makes it a popular sport to watch and wager on in any country.

A big chunk of the football betting market is located in Europe and the UK. Online bookmakers such as Paddy Power and ComeOn have entire departments of the business dedicated to promoting wagers on this sport. Some of the most popular and well-known teams in the world (Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Bayern Munich) are sponsored by various online bookmakers.

List of Soccer Championships Worldwide:
* English Premier League Live Betting
* Champions League Live Betting
* UEFA Cup Live Betting
* Intertoto Cup Live Betting
* Spanish La Liga Live Betting
* German Bundesliga Live Betting
* Italy Serie A Live Betting
* French League 1 Live Betting
* Turkish Super League Live Betting

Betting on standard football is far easier than wagering on any other sports. Bets are primarily made up of a money line wager, which means all you need to be concerned with is who wins the game and not the score. However, unlike other sports, football offers a third betting option that few other do. You can also wager that the match will end in a draw. You might see a betting line that appears like this:

Manchester United: -100
Draw: +250
Chelsea: +150

As you can see, the option to bet on each team is available as well as a third option of predicting a draw. A few bookmakers also offer bonuses or promotions in relation to a draw. Online bookmaker WilliamHill offers a money back bonus where you get a full refund of your wager if a game you have wagered on ends in a scoreless tie.

Betting on standard football is made more exciting by the numerous tournaments offered each year. The biggest of course is the World Cup. The World Cup recently took place in South Africa and created massive amounts of wagers from all over the world. There are numerous leagues to wager on, as well as other tournaments like UEFA Euro and the Champions League tournament.
Many online bookmakers also offer varying betting types, which will include over/under bets, and novelty bets. offers many novelty propositions to spice things up. Such wagers are “will a certain player score?” and “which team will score last?” These options are in addition to standard betting option and meant to give the customer unique options to choose from. Some bettors choose to have many wagers active in the same match, while others choose to spread their wagers out over many different contests.

The technology for betting improves every day, and so does that of the online bookmaker. The option of soccer live betting has become increasingly popular. No sport offers more live betting options than standard football. The ability to wager as the contest is being played has added an element to an already exciting entity. Based on how the game is progressing, then you can wager on various aspects of the game. The odds for these types of bets will change throughout the contest and usually will be offered well into the 2nd half of the game.