Reality TV Betting

Betting has always been a common phenomenon in sports such as horse racing, football, ice hockey and many other sports. But now with rising popularity of reality TV Live betting phenomenon has embedded its way in the entertainment industry as well. Reality Television has millions of viewers following the shows religiously every week and millions of viewers of viewers participate in voting for their favorites to win.

Reality shows such as American Idol, Survivor has attracted the attention of the betting world due to its huge popularity and it has large audience base. You can also find live entertainment betting offers with great wagering options for popular award ceremonies such as Grammy’s, Oscar’s and the Golden Globes and many more such international ceremonies.

Live reality TV betting is all about an opportunity to pick your favorite contestants in the show and place your betting wager on whether they will win or not. Novelty betting and specials betting is a new betting variation that is acquiring great popularity on live reality TV betting scene. However, reality TV is still one of the biggest betting markets in live entertainment betting arena.

Popular reality tv shows such as Big Brother offer variety of betting options to betting enthusiasts during the 12 week of the show. When such popular shows are live on air it opens world of options for sportsbooks. The popularity that has been created by these reality shows now include celebrities and now sportsbooks have never ending flow of betting lines and props round the year.

Sportsbooks offer several lines and options for live entertainment betting regarding who will win the best actress or actor for the Oscars. Today, sportsbooks also offer betting lines on who will win the General election or whether there will be a white Christmas. The advent of reality shows have provided with endless number of betting possibilities, starting from guessing the winner of competition, to which contestant will be voted out in any given week. The betting also includes guessing of surprise eliminations of the show.

If you are an avid follower of reality shows then live entertainment betting is something that will interest you. You have several options to place a bet on individual participants, performers and celebrities opens a number of possibilities in live reality TV betting. You can check out with any sportsbooks for the reality TV betting odds. Live reality show fans can enjoy their favorite shows and indulge in live entertainment betting.

People tend to be curious about celebrities live in general. Live reality TV betting takes advantage of this factor and you will see many sportsbooks offering novelty bets on celebrity couple splits or next tabloid cheat.

Different novelty bets includes
• Celebrity Split Specials
• Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
• Peter Crouch Specials
• Matt Cradle Specials
• FHM’s Sexiest Woman

Novelty bets also has many TV special bets that includes guessing which judge will go first from the show. Dancing on Ice is also hugely popular with live entertainment betting fans. The bets include outright winner, Gender of Winner, Top Male and Top Female skater of the week.

Live reality TV betting is getting bigger as the new shows are always introduced. The television channels also keep on the heat by playing several gimmicks to raise the ratings for the show.