Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:
A privacy policy basically refers to a legal document in which a party discloses and manages the data of the customers. The laws prevailing in the country determine the exact contents of the privacy policy. The privacy policy also needs to be in conjunction with the requirements of other jurisdictions and countries.
It is generally important for people having web sites which collect information from visitors to show the adherence with the data protection laws. Though there are no strict legislations in the US and the UK for companies to have privacy policy it certainly provides lots of benefits if it is included on the web site.

Benefits of having a privacy policy on web sites:

There are plenty of benefits which a privacy policy provides to web sites. Some of them are listed below:

1. It helps to inform users about the method of data collection:
The privacy policy on your web sites helps the customers to know the purpose behind collection of their personal information. Almost all the visitors provide data only when they have a clear idea of why their personal details are being collected and most importantly how are going to manage their personal details.

2. It solves the major concerns of the visitors:
Studies indicate that visitors have a difficulty in knowing how companies manage their personal information. According to a survey conducted by Business Week, it was confirmed that many visitors are concerned about sharing their personal information on the websites. A good privacy policy really addresses this concern of the visitors.

3. It reposes trust in the minds of the visitors:
Users mostly suspect a web site that doesn’t have a good privacy policy as they are unaware about why exactly you need their personal details and how are you going to manage their details. In contrast, trust a web site more which displays a privacy policy. Thus, having a privacy policy helps you to build a trust with your visitors.

4. It improves the quality of the information collected:
The reduced concerns of the visitors really help to enhance the quality of your web site. Due to the security, customers also feel free in providing the correct information.

5. It helps you to show that your web site is in compliance with the laws and regulations:

A Privacy policy assures your visitors that their personal information is totally secured and is being dealt with in accordance of the data protection laws of the country.
If you have a professionally designed web site then a privacy policy page is a must for you. However, if your web site runs only for two-three pages and doesn’t collect any personal information from the visitors then there is no need to have a privacy policy for your web site.