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Placing a wager or two on tennis can certainly add to the excitement. Even if you are not a big fan of tennis, you can gain a true appreciation of the game simply by placing a wager and watching the match. You can place wagers on individual matches, or the entire tournament as a whole. Many proposition bets will be available on each match, from the first player to three games, to whether on not there will be a tiebreaker. Men tennis live betting has become very popular since

You can wager on player match-ups, even if those players never face each other. You are simply wagering on who you think will go farther in the tournament. While wagering on tennis is fun, it can also be tricky to figure out at times.

The sport of tennis has been around longer than most people realize. In ancient times, the Greeks invented a game called “sphairistike”, which was basically a ball being whacked over a net between players. Further down the road in the 1100’s, people in France played a game they called “paume”, which involved using your hands to hit a ball back and forth over a net. The first rackets and court came along in the early 1500’s. The first grass court was designed around 1860, and in 1873, an outdoor version of this game was patented that closely resembles today’s game of tennis. The rest is history from there, as the first actual tournament was Wimbledon in 1877.

Wagering Tips

1. Betting on tennis gets much easier if you actually know the players. That doesn’t mean just knowing the top-ranked players, but knowing the lesser players as well. There isn’t much money to be made by simply betting on the upper-echelon guys; the lower-tier guys are where you can make your mark.

2. Knowing the different surfaces tennis is played on is extremely important. Many players can be really talented on one surface, and look totally clueless on another. A few guys can play well on a couple different surfaces, and even fewer can perform at a high level on all surfaces. Having knowledge of each player’s favorite surface is crucial to making an informed wager.

3. You have to know how a player’s season has gone. What tournaments he has won and what his record is. Sometimes players are seeded based on reputation rather than performance, and these are the players to avoid.

4. It is important to know which way a player’s momentum is trending. Were they just ousted in the first round of a tournament? Did they just pull off a few upsets in a previous tournament, and are coming in on a high? Tennis is as much mental for a player as it is physical.

5. Keeping up to date on player health is a great tip. You need to know if they have recently had to withdraw from an event due to injury or are just returning from a layoff due to injury. Players who have been inactive for awhile normally need a few tournaments to get their feet back under them.