Live Betting Strategy

Many sports enthusiasts are interested in learning about sports betting strategy and an overview as to how the whole thing works. We are here to provide some basic information that will give the beginning sports bettor a better handle on some basic strategies, so as to be prepared when placing bets. Very different from traditional gambling – games such as poker – sports betting is generally conducted amongst a smaller group of people and statistical knowledge can give you an edge. You can use your knowledge to ferret out and take advantage of other bettors’ weaknesses, heightening your odds of having a successful sports betting strategy.

While this might sound all well in good in theory, or, more likely, sounds quite confusing and a bit daunting, read on for some common live betting strategies (and places to find them) that will help you figure out what works best for you, and gain the skills you need to becomes a successful bettor.

Soft Line Method
This is the strategy by which you open accounts with a large variety of sports betting books, and then wait to see how other bettors react, and place your bets based on that reaction. Betting on the soft line, or the book that is receiving the fewest large bets, is a great strategy to employ, as right before game time, you place big money on this potential big time opportunity that others failed to take advantage of.

The Fade Betting Method
For this sports live betting strategy, you simply bet against the biggest odds. To make a fade bet, can loosely be defined as to bet against something or someone. In the case of sports betting, it would be betting against the lauded favorite or the team that analysts are putting their big bucks on. Bookies, due to their intimate knowledge of the nature of the business, often have much better information than anyone else, so betting with your sports book holder is a nice strategy to employ.

System Plays
System plays is a sports betting strategy the employs the use of detailed betting. Examples of this could be betting for a certain point differential or the use of a “teaser” to bet on specific aspects of the game.

Sport Strategy Books and Forums
While the above stated strategies are by no means the only, or the best, strategies available, they are just some of the more common and popular ones. There are many other sources that can offer you sports betting strategy information such as strategy books and forums. Strategy books cannot always keep up with the ever-changing nature of sport but are still able to provide some good, basic tools that will improve your strategy.

Sports betting forums are another good place to find all sorts of variances of sports strategies, but beware, not all the strategies you find here are good ones, so proceed with caution before betting your bottom dollar using one of these strategies. Their sticky post and content offer useful information for anyone interested to learn more on sports betting strategies that work.