Boxing Live Betting

Boxing is one sport that has retained a loyal line of followers throughout its history. In terms of betting, Boxing also has a large amount of punters. For successful Live Boxing Betting, you need to be familiar and knowledgeable enough about the sport so that you can predict who the actual winner will be.

Predicting a result of a match require you to have knowledge of several aspects of the game. Some of the factors that are counted in the equation of calculating the winner are given below:

1. The boxer’s chin or the damage he can suffer before falling.
2. The weights of each boxer, and the amount of weight each boxer needs to gain or lose before the fight.
3. The recent rights.
4. The boxing records and pre-fight preparations of each boxer.

Boxers can find it very hard to reduce or gain the weight to suit the fight. If the boxer needs to reduce weight, he will have to undergo rigorous training and this can tire the boxer before the actual fight happens. With so many factors to be taken into account, boxing fights are very hard to predict. Specific camps can demand title fights between two popular boxers, but more often then not it doesn’t go up till the ring. The media sometimes sparks the rivalry between two formidable boxers and consequently you can find the best boxing matches to bet on through the media itself. Boxing fights don’t take place during a particular time of the year. They can be planned at any time if the money is available. Similar to live UFC / MMA Boxing events.

Boxing Live Betting takes place through different methods, one of the most popular ones being the Win-Draw-Win course. This is when the punters bet on which boxer is going to win. If the fight results in a tie, the punters who bet on either boxer to win would lose their bets.  If a fight tends to be one-sided, bookies usually add proposition betting courses. This varies upon the number of rounds in the fight, with punters betting on how many rounds the fight would end in.

If one boxer is a strong favorite in a fight or has received a quote of 1/5 to win the fight, punters would hesitate to bet on the fight with a Win-Draw-Win course. At such times, Round Betting is introduced into the Live Boxing Betting stage. Bookies think that one fighter will win comfortable and so they place bets that the fight will finish in over or under certain rounds. Another course of betting that is popular in the Live Boxing Betting market is the actual winning method. This method is used in fights which involve a boxer who has a good record of knocking out their opponents. In such a scenario, punters usually bet on that fighter to win by either knock-out or by stoppage. This is simple method- if the prolific boxer wins before a certain set of rounds are complete, then it is considered a knock-out. For example, if he beats his opponent on the seventh round when the fight lasts for twelve rounds, it is a knock-out and if you bet on that to happen you will win.
Live Boxing Betting is worthwhile for two reasons- the first is that the Internet allows punters to locate the best prices quickly and the second is that in countries such as the UK, winnings are tax-free.