MMA/UFC Live Betting

MMA is not a new sport and if you walk down the history of the sport you will see MMA tournaments were held since the year 1920’s. Today, Live MMA Betting has created a buzz in the betting world that surpasses betting in any sports. MMA stands for ‘Martial Mixed Arts’. It is also referred as UFC which stands for ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’.
Initially betting on fights was limited to single fights in boxing, but due to various elements, Live MMA sports betting is taking place on fights. If you are a betting enthusiast then you will come to know that there is nothing exciting as watching an MMA fight if you have placed a bet on that particular MMA fight.

The popularity of MMA betting is ever growing. If you are new to the live MMA betting then, it is necessary that you know the basics of the sport before you place a bet or enjoy the sports betting. You can indulge in Live MMA betting through online sites.

There are many online portals that allow you to participate in live MMA betting. It is advised that you register with more than one online betting site. This helps you to get best live streaming odds or price for the MMA fight. Such act is called line shopping. Many pros in betting register on 2 or 3 websites to get the odds for a fight.

After registering with online MMA live sports betting websites, the next step is to fund the account. Majority of the online MMA betting websites allow you to fund your account through credit cards. If you do not feel secure funding with credit cards, then you can opt to bet with websites that offer option of funding your account through eWallet gateway system. Any new user is required to wait for 3 days before he can use his online betting account. This delay is mainly due to the time required to transfer the money to your account.

How to place a bet on MMA fight?
Live MMA betting also treads on the same line as other sports betting. Negative number is always a hot favorite in MMA betting. To understand this let’s look at an example.
Consider two players having following odds
1. John Smith -400
2. Roger Rock +340

In this particular MMA match, John Smith is a favorite because he is more likely to win while Roger is an underdog who is less likely to win.
You will have to place a bet of $400 on John Smith in order to win $100 while you will win $340 if you place a bet of $100 on Roger. You are winner if the fighter on whom you have placed a bet wins by KO, submission, TKO, decision or DQ. If the MMA match ends in draw which is a rarity then in such event all the bets are returned.

Many sportsbooks offer different proposition bets on MMA where you can place abet on both the winner and your guess on how the fight will end. Such bets generally give higher payouts than the “straight win” bets. If you are a Live MMA betting fan, then it is necessary that you learn to read the lines of the betting books and develop a strategy to place a bet so that you increase your chances of winning.