Live Betting Odds

Live Betting Odds and Lines

Live sports betting is a highly popular activity, as it gives one more “stake” in each game, and allows you to make bets, in real-time, while the game is already in play. For some who like faster paced gambling activities, this will be the area of sports betting that is likely to appeal to them the most.

Some find this type of betting to be more interesting as they can change their bets or place new bets at various points in time throughout the game. This makes the entire game, from beginning to end, a much funnier endeavor, with many more opportunities to place little bets. A good majority of reputable sports books offer a live, in-game betting feature. By participating in live sports betting, at the end of each quarter of play, you can make bets on the freshest outcome odds.

This live sports betting section provides players with a detailed statistical analysis of every major sporting event. While handicapping a game you will look at everything from injury reports, ATS stats, who’s hot who’s not to even the weather. Weather is a big factor in the over and under betting lines.

There are many sites that offer much more in depth real-time betting options that allow you to bet at the end of each quarter or half in your game. These options allow you to bet on particular aspects of various points of the game, meaning that from the tedious or mundane, you can still place wagers that have decent odds of earning you a good return on your bet.

Live for Real-Time Betting

For any nationally televised game, on BetOnline, you can place a new bet at the end of each series, drive, or at bat, depending on the sport you’re betting on. This can get very in depth. Using NFL football as our example, after a team gets a first down, you can bet on what the outcome of the next set of downs will be – that is how specific they allow you to get with their real-time, in game, live sports betting. From whether the drive will result in a touchdown, field goal, turnover, or punt, you can make your wager based on an educated guess that is based on the teams current level of play.

But you can go even deeper than that if you wish. On BetOnline, you can not only bet on what you think the outcome of a drive will be – using our football game as our example – but you can also wager on whether the play will be a pass or run play, whether or not it will be completed, and even how many yards you think the rushing play will net!

Many find this to be the best of all online live sports betting sites, as it allows you such real-time access, detail in types of bets you can make, and good odds for turning a profit. This is not the recommended betting strategy for someone who does not know their game, or the particular teams they are betting on. Betting at random, especially as the fees for live sports betting are often higher than standard betting, is a quick way of losing your bankroll.

A Less Expensive, but Still Enticing, Alternative to is another great live betting site for nationally televised NFL games. Since NFL has numerous commercial breaks as well as time-outs for reviews, and since plays are quite slow, there plenty of sites that offer live betting and fast, fresh new odds at lower prices, being one of them.